5 Day Kayak Itinerary

This is a 5 day kayak trip intended for those people interested in experiencing the awesome wilderness beauty of the 30,000 Islands of Ontario’s Georgian Bay, “the best wilderness fresh water kayaking area in the world” while learning more advanced kayak paddling skills and wilderness camping techniques.

Georgian Bay is a 100 mile long bay of Lake Huron and the eastern shore of the Bay is dotted with literately 30, 000 islands. It is spectacular to say the least. In fact people that we take there for the first time often ask “why do we keep this place such a secret?” In fact the islands of Georgian Bay ( and this is exactly where we will be on these 5 day kayak trips) are recognized by the UN as a unique littoral ecosystem of international importance….a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

This trip will be lead by our ORKCA certified instructors / guides. They will be teaching you more advanced ORCKA Kayak paddling shills and beyond. You will have the opportunity to walk away from this trip with a substantially enhanced skills base in sea kayaks (and ORCKA Kayak Skills certification if desired) and wilderness tripping.

A day by day itinerary is impractical to list here since we will have thousands of islands and multiple possible routes and campsites at our disposal. Suffice it to say that we will spend the 5 days exploring this most incredible archipelago being governed by the group’s desires, ability and weather conditions.

We will be paddling single person kayaks through the inner and outer island chains of the 30, 000 island group of Georgian Bay where we will camp on various islands along the way, taking out 5 days later.

We will start the trip at one of 2 different put-ins. One at Britt ( weather forecast for the week permitting) on the northeastern shores of Georgian Bay and travel in a northerly direction paddling single person kayaks passing such island groups as the Churchill’s, Cunningham’s, Bustards, Foxes, Chickens and the French River Delta and take out 5 days later on the Key River.. We will camp on many of the beautiful islands of this wilderness archipelago. By the end of the trip you will have passed by more spectacular islands than you could possibly count and you will have had the adventure of a lifetime! The second put-in would be at Snug Harbour a little further south where we have more protected waters available and explore the Franklin Island Wilderness reserve, the Minks Islands group, the McCoy Island group , and others, time permitting.

Round trip transportation from Toronto is available at $95 pp or you can meet us at Snug Harbour / Britt about 30-40 minutes north of Parry Sound that morning around 9:30 am.

The people are always interesting, the food is great and plentiful, in fact most people comment that they eat better on our trips than they do at home! The water is clear and warm and the wilderness area we will be in is very beautiful.

We are committed to making every trip a inspirational encounter with the natural wilderness beauty of Georgian Bay’s 30,000 Islands a safe and comfortable one for all.

We travel with only the best light weight modern equipment with such amenities as outback ovens to bake fresh breads and goodies, comfortable two person tents, and even a large bug tent for your comfort should it be needed.

There will be ample time each day to relax and explore the surrounding area, swim, fish or practice your paddling techniques that our ORKCA certified guides / instructors will be teaching you as we travel.

You will need only your personal items and a sleeping bag. Waterproof Dry Bags will be supplied for your use and a complete suggested packing list will be provided upon booking.

What you will have to opportunity to Learn on 5 Day Kayak Trips

On the 5 Day Georgian Bay Kayak trips our ORCKA Kayak Instructors will be teaching those of you who are interested the following skill set while paddling and exploring the many wilderness inlets and islands of Georgian Bay. This will give you a very solid advanced paddling foundation in sea kayak and you will feel very confident by the end of this trip. The ORCKA Kayak Skills Certification is available on this trip at no extra charge for those interested.

-Wet Exit
-Rescue of a Swimmer
-Towing Rescue
-Recovery of a Kayak
-Peer Rescue
-Assisted Roll Rescue
-Unassisted Roll
-Unassisted Re-Entry

-Forward Paddling
-Reverse Paddling
-Stopping the Kayak
-Sideward Paddling
-Pivoting the Kayak
-Turning the Kayak
-Edging the Kayak
-Maneuvering in Confined Spaces
-Preventing a Capsize
-Securing a Kayak

-Kayak Design
-Kayak Outfitting
-Kayak History
-Kayak Heritage
-Equipment Care
-Government Regulations
-Outdoor Precautions
-Environmental Awareness
-Kayaking Recourses

-Equipment for Touring
-Paddling Precautions
-Day Trip Planning
-Kayak Touring

Trip Fee: From $895.00 CAD pp (if booking 2 or more on the same trip date).

Round trip Transportation from Toronto available at $95.00 CAD per person.

Prices do not include 13% HST sales tax.

In the interest of participant safety and well being the guide / instructor may alter the actual trip itinerary at their discretion.

Please Note: Prices and Itineraries are subject to change with notice on the main web page. Once a booking is in place no price increases will be applied.

Booking: The booking requires a 30% deposit by Visa or MasterCard (for Canadian Credit Cards) with the balance due 30 days prior to trip departure. Non Canadian Credit Cards are charged the full trip fee payment in US dollars at the time of booking.

These trip dates do sell out so please make your reservation soon to ensure you get the trip dates you would like.

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