These are excerpts from a few of the unsolicited letters that participants on our wilderness adventure trips sent to us after their trips.

Paul McCormick
Senior Guide / Operations Manager
Wilderness Adventures.CA

I’m still raving about our trip, what a fantastic experience … great weather, lots of sun, beautiful landscape, nice people and the dogs were amazing.
Valerie S., Ontario, Canada
First let me start by saying that Stevi and I both had a wonderful time on the (3 Day) dog sledding trip. The dogs were a treat to work with, and the countryside was beautiful.
Robert B., Wyoming, USA
We have just returned from your Kayaking with Orca whales trip ……., and would like to say we had a fantastic time, ignoring the weather, which was a triffle damp. Janet who led the trip is an amazing woman, every question anybody asked she knew everything about it. She was so layed back, never stressed, or never showed it if she was. She made everybody feel good about themselves, especially me (Mitzi), as I am not a sporty person. The food was very good, well, as was everything, I cannot praise everything enough. Thank Janet for making the trip so good, and also Erin, for keeping us fed. It was brilliant thanks again.”
Colin & Mitzi G, UK
Thank you so much for sending the pictures …….I had another amazing trip…I wish I was back out there with the dogs! Maybe I should just get a job with you, lol. Your right, the dogs do get under your skin. I think about the dogs all the time and I like to look at my pictures a million times. So thank you for everything you’ve done…I will definately be back next year!!! I’m still working on my hudband to go on the Moosonee trip:) But I would do any trip and I would be just as happy! Thanks again.
Kristy B., Sudbury, Ontario
“I have to tell you that our experience in the Algonquin Park was one of the best and more exiting I ever had. When I talk about my Canadian vacation our canoe trip is my favourite subject. I keep a wonderfull memory of that week. I just wanted to let you know that you made a great job!”
Marco and Margherita B, Milan, Italy
Just wanted to drop you a line now we’re back in the uk with a bump. A really big thank you from all of us for the amount of driving you did i.e. dropping us off one day and picking us up the next . I know you’ve heard it all before, but the dog sledding was the most amazing experience ever – it was nature at its rawest, the thrill of the sleds as they zip through the forest and the complete silence of those beautiful dogs (well that is until we stopped and they barked and howled to urge us on) and none of us can quite settle since we’ve been back home – and thats just after one day!

Suffice to say we had an absolutely fabulous time husband Geraint wants us to do the two day one next!!

Tanya J., Southampton, England
Just a quick note to let you know that my scouts has a great time on the trip (2 Day Algonquin Dog Sled Adventure) and are still talking about it one week later. They ALL want to do it again…so now it is up to them to decide if and when…

The dogs were incredible to work with. Many thanks again for the experience.

Ken G., Westbury, NY
The (4 Day Algonquin Dog Sled) trip was fantastic – kids really go into it and came out with a whole new world. I dare say that they’ll be taking their own kids one day…………..Have a fantastic year – we’ll be in touch for our next adventure.
Konrad K., Brooklyn, NY
Once again, I wanted to thank you for our 3 Day Algonquin Canoe trip. Despite the rain, my Dad and I had a great time. Our experience was memorable, and I learned much more adding to the knowledge from my first trip with you. The gear was top notch, food was delicious, and scenery was awesome. I feel confident I can do this with my family now. I am planning to see you again next year for the 5 Day Kayak, and maybe more.
Derek R., Ontario, Canada
I was fortunate to have been with you and the rest of the tour August 14 to the 16th in Algonquin Park. It was a great experience!

I believe I was provided with the best guidance, instruction and equipment available. I also feel that I could not have been in safer hands nor have been given a better opportunity to achieve new canoeing and camping skills. You created the opportunity and means for us to challenge ourselves and inspired the desire and effort required to succeed at many tasks and burdens that may have been a bit more difficult that expected.
It was a pleasure spending those few days with you and the others.

I am seriously considering the 3 day Georgian Bay Kayak excursion for next year – without the fishing rod.

Thanks again

Mike C., Ontario, Canada
This is the morning after my 5 day kayak trip in Georgian Bay. I’m glad to be home but even happier to have been part of such a great
experience. Our guide was a wonderful resource of knowledge, skills, strenght and devotion. Truly someone we could count on and look to for guidance and everything else we needed. She made our trip. I want to thank you also for providing the food and equipment which were very much appreciated. Your organization seems to have thought of every detail.
Madeleine M., Ontario, Canada
I enjoyed the (Algonquin 6 Day) canoe trip…an unforgettable experience….that will generate many pleasant & amusing memories .
Carol N., Canada
Thanks for such a great (Algonquin) camp experience our family enjoyed with your company. Very professional and organized and we had a wonderful time.
Julia H., Bermuda
We enjoyed our canoe trip in Algonquin that you designed and executed so very much, it couldn’t have been better. Incredible value too. I have told many collegues and friends about you and your company, I hope some will arrange trip with you.
Hamed U., Canada
This is your old friend Ramnik calling in. First, I’ve been meaning to write to you let you know that Lyne and I had a great time on our Belize Kayak adventure. The guides were great, the food was excellent and the snorkeling was fantastic.

Now, we’re interested in doing another canoe trip (Algonquin Park) with you..

Ramnik B., Canada
Just to say a big big thank you for an incredible Algonquin canoe trip, we all had a wonderful time and it was down to your enthusiasm and great planning. Hope we will be able to travel with you againin the future.
Brian C. and Family, England
Excellent Expedition (6 Day Algonquin Park Canoe) Exceeding my expectations. Great, hard working guide with wonderful personality and terrific people skills. I came just wanting to be in the wilderness, (I’m) now leaving with knowledge and skill in handling a canoe.

The best thing about tomorrow is telling my friends about the wonderful time had on this trip.

Robert H., Brooklyn, NY, USA
Somewhat belatedly I wanted to thank you for organizing a wonderful trip for me and my family last summer. I was very impressed with the organization that went into making the trip such a success. The camping equipment that you supplied, particularly the excellent tents and air mattresses, made this one of the most comfortable trips that I have ever taken. I also enjoyed seeing the less traveled western end of Algonquin Park for the first time.

This was the first time that my whole family (my wife, 17 year old daughter and 15 year old son) went camping together. In the past, I have always found the thought of getting everything organized to be too daunting. Thanks to your experience and organization, all we had to do was show up with our bedrolls and enthusiasm.

We also enjoyed our group, especially the guide who had just the right attributes to keep everyone happy. He was great with the teenagers (not an easy task) and kept them engaged throughout the trip. Without our blackberries, cell phones and video games, we all managed to relax and take great satisfaction from the outdoor life. The entire experience was regenerative for everyone.

I am interested in signing up again this year for the 6 day Algonquin Park trip starting on August 19.

Michael F., Ontario, Canada
I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of our group. We all had a great time! My only regret is that I did not go for a longer trip (did 2 Day Dog Sled Adventure).
Jill M., Kenmore, NY, USA
This is the Company we used to do dog sledging. A brilliant Company, I have used them for canoeing trips as well. I can not praise them enough and would be more than happy to recommend them to any of your guests
Philip H., London, England
Great trip! (6 Day Algonquin Park Canoe) I had a ton of fun and lots of food. Your guide is a top notch guide and great instructor too.
Chris B., Ontario, Canada
Becky and I had a brilliant time. Our sincere thanks go to Don and Carrie our guides who did an absolutely top job. They are truly the ones who make this trip memorable. Both were very professional, incredibly competent, had a great sense of humour and were very relaxed! They showed a great deal of confidence in all of us and had great stories to tell. You are very fortunate to have both of these guides on your team.

We also extend our gratitude to you who makes this all happen and your team and for all of their hard work and delicious lunch. Please extend our thanks to all of them.

We will recommend your expedition to all and hope to participate again next year.

Sabina S., Ontario, Canada
I just wanted to let you know what a great time we had dog sledding, it was a class A trip……. the trip was out of this world and we are already talking about next year.
Roger C. , Ontario, Canada
I am not surprised that I loved being out there (on the 3 Day Algonquin Canoe Trip), it was just a matter of time and your package deal was what I needed. But I really appreciate the way you showed us how to do it not only well, safely and properly, but with style. (My son) Viktor Hugo marched off to school rather proudly with his beaver stick… and great memories of what I am pretty sure was the start to our canoeing lifestyle.
Meta A., Toronto, Canada
Just a quick email to let you know how much me and Jill enjoyed the 6 day Algonquin canoe trip. It was a fantastic experience and one weve decided to keep on repeating. When we can book next years holidays I’ll email about a dog sled trip too.
David U., Sheffield, England
Walt- It was a pleasure meeting you and spending the most extraordinary three days (Algonquin Park Canoe) of my life under your guidance. You have made the trip exceeded beyond my expectations as well as Antoine. It was not only because of the beautiful unspoilt nature as that was expected, but having you as the guide and mentor for that nature experience is beyond perfect.

You are such a wonderful guide that made me feel safe as well as your fascinating knowledge about nature and camping have kept me alive and enthusiastic throughout the trip. Therefore, the extraordinary three days of my life was due to the unleashing unexpected side of me which I know that I have always had.

Aznita A., Dubai, UAE
Thanks again for a great trip and a wonderful introduction to sea kayaking (Georgian Bay, 30, 0000 Islands 5 Day Kayak)- my new favourite summer activity!
Ellen R., Ontario, Canada
A quick note to express how enjoyable our trip was (Belize Coral Islands Kayak). From start to finish it was fantastic. The caving experience was unbelievable; it was something out of an Indiana Jones movie. The kayaking and camping was all I hoped it would be. The camp sites were great, the guides (Andrew & Omar) were top flight, the food was fantastic & will attribute the excellent weather to you and yours as well. It was the right blend of activity & relaxation.
Jeff J., Louisiana, USA
Thank you for providing e-mails and pictures. They are much appreciated.

I would also like to express my appreciation for the vast amount of knowledge that you bestowed upon your students. I thoroughly enjoyed not only learning about kayaking, but the information about the tents, sleeping bags, hoisting of edible products, and the wildlife.

Despite the fact that you are a visual teacher, and I am an auditory/kinesthetic learner it was still a memorable experience for me, and again I would like to reiterate that I appreciate your patience. I gleaned far more knowledge than I had anticipated.

You have wet my appetite with this wilderness adventure and it is an experience I hope to repeat in the near future.

Joanne H., Ontario, Canada
Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the wonderful (Georgian Bay kayak) trip we had with Kris. She was an amazing teacher, very patient and calm, and a lot of fun to spend the weekend with too! Everything was so well organized, it was an exceptionally well run trip.
Alison B., Ontario, Canada
Thanks again for arranging the (Algonquin Park) trip, it was great and I’m looking forward to another opportunity to take another trip.


Mohsen Z., Ontario, Canada
We enjoyed this tour (6 Day Algonquin Park Canoe) very much. Your guide did a great job in every respect. He especially motivated our 2 boys explore a new world with him. We will take back very good memories to Switzerland with us and hope to be back soon
Lustenberger Family, Switzerland
My recent trip to Algonquin Park with Wilderness Adventures.CA was a life-changing experience. Although the trip was demanding in many ways, I can honestly say that it was the most incredible experience of my life. The people on this trip were so special and the eight of us formed a bond that will see friendships grow for years to come.

Jeff, our guide, was instrumental in making this trip the huge success that it was. He worked tirelessly from morning to night, cooking, cleaning, setting up pulleys, planning meals, patiently teaching us how to survive in the wild, teaching us to paddle and portage, repeatedly answering the same questions, taking the time to demonstrate and explain. He is an exceptional young man with great leadership, wisdom and patience. I wanted to send a special thank you to Jeff and to let him know that I am grateful to him for helping me to accomplish one of my life goals. I know that I could not have done it without his encouragement and guidance.


Gates C., Ontario, Canada
First of all I wanted to thank you for a great week end : Arnaud and I had an amazing time thanks to you, your great organization and thanks to the guide who did an amazing job guiding us, teaching us the canoe basics and most of all sharing his experience of the wilderness with us. Thank you!

Please keep sending us updates on the tours that you are organizing: I am sure we will participate again, hopefully very soon!

By the way, I must say that I was very surprised to see this type of knife in a canoe trip in the Algonquin: this brand is very old and is from the French Alps and I did not know this type of knifes even made it out of the France… I am glad to see they made it to “Wilderness Adventures” !!!

Thank you again for a great trip

Hélène and Arnaud, France
I really enjoyed myself last year on the three day Kayaking trip and I am interested in doing either the 5 or 7 day this year.
Megan S., Ontario, Canada
Well thought out trip (6 Day Algonquin Park Canoe) allowing us to use the skills we were taught in gradually, more challenging environments. Excellent guide who was able to read each individuals strength’s and weaknesses. Very knowledgeable! Great cook. Maybe a bit too much food.
Joanne S., Ontario, Canada
Loved the Orca Whales Kayak trip. I have great memories from it.
Catherine W., Ontario, Canada
And…on behalf of our entire group…it was fantastic!!!!! What an amazing bunch of dogs: strong, friendly and beautiful!!!! We absolutely loved it!!!

Thanks again for the good care and good organization,

Leanne Van Z., Ontario, Canada
Well, where do I start!!! When my friends said “Hey lets go Dog
Sledding” I thought why not…I will only probably have this one chance so why not try it. Was I ever wrong!!! One time is not in any way and
at any time a way to describe dog sledding. I was amazed at how much I enjoyed my 2 day trip. If someone told me I would enjoy being pulled
around by a bunch of dogs and sleeping outside in a tent in the winter, I would have told them they where crazy. But they would be right.

From the beginning of an experience to remember Friday night at the Algonquin Motel (A must for the first timer!!) then the warm welcome we
received on Sat. morning.

From learning how to hook up the dog’s to gathering wood from a forest of fresh fallen snow, I can not describe the feelings I felt. I had an
experience that I will treasure forever and am already planning my trip for next year.

Our guides where amazing. From answering questions about everything to their patience with the 12 of us . I must also admit Mike was a great cook!! You could feel their love for the sport and they also spoke very highly of the owner, informing us he was the gentleman in the pick up that met every group and new every dog by name. This shows that it is a passion and love, not just a business.

I would also like to say thank you to your staff, helping us to prepare for our trip and the friendly greeting we received from you personally
made us feel like a valued client. Also don’t forget the lady’s in the kitchen for the amazing Chilli.

Thank you for an experience that I look forward to again,

Debbie-Jo, Ontario, Canada
I wanted to thank for our dog sledding trip last weekend. We had alot of laughs and our guides were fantastic, we all really enjoyed them….We appreciate everything our guides tried to do to make our experience better, again they were great. We have a fantastic group of friends and go on different adventures every year. We are glad we didn’t miss this one.
Thank you again
Denise K., Ontario, Canada
On the 6 day canoe trip your guide was dedicated and passionate about the wilderness and its preservation. This came out loud and clear in Barry’s methods, keeping sites clean, teaching us to do so, sterilizing techniques, etc., giving moose wide birth yet opportunity to photograph, food collection at night and storage away from tents etc..

The location was very attractive and the campsites well chosen. Sites had jumping rocks for swimming, beaches, lots of room for all five tents rare in other parts of the park. The layover day at Misty Lake was good for lessons. We lucked into good weather too. Sighting the moose and a calf, hawks, ravens, herons, snapping turtle, and muskrat added to the new experience for the international visitor. You can’t guarantee it but again the choice of location sure helps.

The equipment was excellent, top of the line tents easy to assemble, light kevlar canoes and the air mattress idea worked better than I expected. The dry bags worked well and the barrels kept our food cool with the wet towel method. Some of the food selected was perfect providing a balanced meal for a variety of international tastes.

I want to emphasize I really enjoyed the trip, and realize there are some logistics which make the trip the challenge it is. Barry contributed significantly in all our canoe tripping knowledge and paddling technique and I am sure he will be a great asset in the future.

Thanks again for providing a fun summer escape.

Derek C, Ontario, Canada
Thanks again for an amazing trip. It’s a trip I will never forget.
Fay l., Ontario, Canada
The weather couldn’t have been better and we all agreed that Jeff was a highlight. He is wonderful at what he does and I think we all benefited from his knowledge of wildlife – not to mention how to canoe.
Ian F., Toronto, Canada
Thanks for a great trip,

The beauty and tranquility of Georgian Bay go a long way to ease the frustrations and tensions of living in an urban setting. I will always miss the Bay –it’s truly a unique environment, and one I feel privileged to have been part of for a week. The knowledge, skills, and many competencies of your guide team made the trip all the more enjoyable. My best wishes to all Wilderness Adventures Canada staff who made my Georgian Bay paddling experience possible.

Helen D., Maryland, USA
Just a quick note to say hello, and to thank you for the great time you provided for us at Algonquin park recently. Looking at Stefan’s photos reminded me of what a great trip it was, and how far removed our normal lives are from the great wilderness we experienced. I’m looking forward to the next trip!
Vahid M., Toronto, Canada
A great trip with a wonderful group of people. Truly a lifetime memory due in no small part your meticulous planning and brotherly concern for all in your party.”
John D., Scotland, UK
Thanks for the good time in Algonquin Park. It was really a great trip we’ll never forget, great experience!
Jorg and Eva Z. , Berlin, Germany
I just want to let you know ‘one more time’ how much I enjoyed the 2 day Dog Sled outing. Everything was ‘above and beyond’ as they say. The guide was just great as were the rest of the crew. My best to her and them.
Bob A., Toronto, Canada
I want to thank you again for the great canoe trip. We had a good time and I enjoyed the canoeing and camping very much. The food was excellent.
Heleen S. , The Netherlands
The beauty and tranquility of Georgian Bay go a long way to ease the frustrations and tensions of living in an urban setting. I will always miss the Bay –it’s truly an unique environment, and one I feel privileged to have been part of for a week. The knowledge, skills, and many competencies of your guide team made the trip all the more enjoyable. My best wishes to all Wilderness Adventures Canada staff who made my Georgian Bay paddling experience possible.
Helen D. , USA
We wanted to thank you and your guide for guiding our two trips this summer. We’ve had some time now to look back on the trips and can now really appreciate the skills that we have learned. The whole experience was fantastic and our confidence with the kayaks has grown exponentially!!

All the best and thanks again!

Jackie H., Port Elgin, Ontario
We had a wonderful time (on the 5 Day Georgian Bay 30,000 Islands Kayak Adventure), and have many good memories of the group we were with. We have early morning mist and breathtaking sunsets on our computer, and we have told all our friends what a great experience this was. We would love to do another trip one day soon. Thank you for organizing everything for us.
Dave and Janet S., Timmins, Ontario
My friends would like to join me to thank you for this wonderful and unforgettable canoe trip…… We have learned so much and appreciate the beauties of this natural wilderness. Your professionalism has been really a plus during the trip, by the way at every moment we didn’t worry about problems that could happen because you were here at everytime to say what to do and what not to do. The food was delightful and the camp very comfortable.

Thank you so much for being such a lovely partner during this awesome canoe trip.

Christophe, Marie-Laure, Sebastien and Mariane. , France
I cannot say enough good things about our experience at Palmer Rapids this past weekend. Your guide was a first rate instructor with an immense amount of valuable knowledge and with the patience, guidance and encouragement that made the course truly worthwhile.

I know that we are now in a far better position for our upcoming French River trip than we were before the weekend. This is in terms of our ability to manoeuver in moving water, to read the complexities of a current and also in terms of what type of equipment we should be using for our trip. On top of it all we had a fantastic time.

Thank you very much for making such a great expience available to us.

Ben P., Ontario, Canada
Thank you all for the great time spend at Algonquin. I remember each one of you and want you all to know that have a friend here in Puerto Rico.

I specially want to thanks Dave (our guide) for the wonderful days we spend together and all I learn from him. Also I like to let Paul McCormick know what a special guide Dave is, and the great impression and satisfaction I have from your company. Right now I’m planning my next adventure with your company. Hopefully for the summer of 2005.

(Adermin then wrote back after his second trip with us to say):

Just want you to know that the Tatshenshini River Trip was the most incredible and fantastic experience I ever had. Everything was very well organized, the food just impressive and delicious, the guides very well trained and knowledgeable and the fun never ending.

Surely I will be counting with your company for future adventures.

Alderman F. , Puerto Rico
We’re now a week removed from beautiful Georgian Bay, and a memorable weekend. On behalf of our group, I would like to personally thank WildernessAdventures.caWe had the time of our lives.

In only a few days, I feel we became good friends. The ORCKA certification was a bonus, and the memories will last a lifetime. I can’t wait until my next kayaking adventure. I know you will be seeing us next year for the 5 day Kayak trip! I want to do the DogSledding with my kids as well – I’ll contact you in the fall.

Derek R., Ontario, Canada
I just wanted to compliment your instructor  for the tandem 1a course. He was very thorough. Even though I have been paddling for 35 years, I certainly was humbled by his expertise. His instructional techniques were absolutely exceptional. Our personal group of 4 ranged in ages from 13-46. The other 4 in the group possessed canoeing skills ranging from very inexperienced to experienced (but none experienced in whitewater). I have taken and instructed (academically) in over 80 courses. John clearly is one of the best instructors I have had the pleasure to learn from. I do not have a single criticism of the entire weekend-course. Thank you for an incredible experience.

Yours Truly,

Daryl G., Ontario, Canada
I trust this finds you well. You may recall I was on the 3 day Algonquin Park interior canoe trip from May 17 – 19 earlier this year. Thanks for the memories we still gloat about it to everyone……. I am interested in doing some other trips with you.
I just wanted to say thanks for a hugely enjoyable trip out to Algonquin. My friend Barbara and I went out on the 2 / 4 August canoe trip with Greg as our guide and we had an absolute blast – it was so well arranged, the canoeing, camp, food, all was excellent.We’d heartily recommend Wilderness Adventures to anyone coming to Ontario. Keep up the good work!
Iseult C., Ireland
I just wanted to thank you Cris and Frank for an excellent time on our 5 Day Georgian Bay trip! I don’t think I have really ever had a better time camping and kayaking! I shall be looking into a new adventure.


Andrew R., Bermuda
The trip was absolutely amazing (6 day Algonquin Canoe Adventure). I’ve done few “trips” in the past but nothing quite like this! Many thanks to (your guide) Barrie who was brilliant in every regard. PS can I claim to be the oldest to have done one of your canoe weeks at 77 !
Derek C., UK
“I just want to thank your team for the amazing trip I had on the Bowron Lakes . Georgia and Victor our guides were incredible. Throughout they maintained a professional approach to the trip working long and hard every day to ensure all of us had everything we needed. I travelled alone and made friends and had a great time much assisted by Georgia and Victor. Nothing seemed too much trouble for them. They were first up and last to retire every evening. From their wilderness craft, to their encyclopaedic knowledge of the local area and its flora and fauna. The ensured that every day was a joy and the food was outstanding and there was always plenty to eat. I’m still not convinced that there wasn’t someone in the forest releasing wildlife on cue as the seemed to know what was round the corner on a regular basis. As for the scenery. I live in Ireland and have travelled extensively throughout the world, so I have seen my share of beautiful scenery. I can honestly say that waking up each morning knowing that I would be spending another day in such beautiful serene and peaceful surroundings was an amazing experience. I believe the only word I can use to describe it (I’m aware it is much over used) is awesome. I would highly recommend your company and the Bowron Lake trip to anyone who is considering this type of holiday. Thank you for what turned out to be the most fulfilling trip I have ever enjoyed.”
Mike S, Northern Ireland
Sam and I would like to say what an amazing time we had on the Algonquin Park Canoe trip week before last! (6 day Algonquin Canoe Adventure). We had no idea what to expect and the trip turned out to be better than imagined!!

The week was so well planned and we felt so well fed (the food was delicious) and comfortable the whole trip! We learnt so much about canoeing and camping and had so much fun along the way!

A great deal of the enjoyment we owe to your guide. He is a genuinely nice guy and was so patient and friendly with us…especially when most of us had never set foot in a canoe before or even put up a tent!! His breakfasts and dinners were delicious and we looked forward to our evening meal and chit chat after a day of canoeing and portage!! 🙂

It was one of our favourite holidays and we would definitely recommend the trip to our friends and family!

Claire & Sam E., UK
I would like to express my thanks and compliment our instructor; on the excellent job he did teaching myself and my son. He was fantastic and a pleasure to be taught by. One of the greatest weekends ever!! We now have the white water bug – just a huge adrenalin Rush! Loved ever minute even though it was hard work and very thorough. Learned more about white water canoeing in that one weekend then I could have possibly imagined. Again, FANTASTIC job by your instructor.
Tom F., Ontario
Belatedly I’d like to say what a great time we had on our Wilderness Adventure trip in September …………. We had a great guide and so very kind, tolerant and helpful!! ………….
Thanks again, and here’s hoping we can come back one day and do another trip.
Janine C., UK
Had a great time again this year (5 day Dog Sled Adventure) with the dogs and dog people. I got to learn alot more and I had tons of fun… it was only two of us with a guide so we made alot of ground and did some exploring….looking foreward to the 11 day the Moosonee Trip next season.
Brian C., Toronto
We had an excellent time and experience (Algonquin Dog Sled Adventure). It was always Florin’s dream to try dogsledding and he had the time of his life.I think we may have to try it again. You guys did an excellent job! I have already recommended you to all our friends.
Sonja H., Barrie, ON.
Just had an excellent overnight dogsled trip, (Feb 28-March 1), complete with good weather, guides Pat and Genevieve, company and food. And the dogs of couse!!! An excellent Xmas gift from my husband. Thanks alot
Rob and Donna ., Belleville, ON.
Just a quick note to let you know that I had a great time this past weekend (on the 3 Day Algonquin Canoe Adventure). For my first time canoeing I learned a lot from our guide / instructor. I also wanted to comment that I thought your trip preparation for us was excellent. The portages were great, the food was excellent and the scenery was awesome! Thank you.

I am still looking to book a 1 day dog sledding adventure in January or Feb, so I will be in touch soon.

Maria F ., Burlignton, ON.
We did wish to say how well Allee (your canoe guide) looked after our group. She is a true professional indeed. The dynamics were great and the trip (4 Day Algonquin Canoe Adventure) was enjoyed by all.
Kay B. , Thornhill, Ontario
Thank you for the enjoyable trip (3 day Georgian Bay Kayak). I feel like I came from the weekend recharged and well trained. Although challenging at times (paddling the waves) I was proud of what I was able to accomplish. I learnt many interesting tips regarding wilderness camping and enjoyed the food immensely.

Thank you as well for beginning to show me the Eskimo rescue.

Karen B., Chatham, Ontario
Thanks for the great ( 3 day dog sledding) adventure weekend – we had a really amazing time with the dogs and being up north!! The guides and all the set up were great too!
Colin G., Toronto, Ontario
Thanks very much for organizing yet another fantastic ( 2 day) dog sledding trip. Valarie and I were impressed as always with the outcome and our guests from Australia had an absolute blast.
Mike G., Toronto, Ontario
The (3 day) dog sled adventure was grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat! I think you will be seeing some of our friend very soon!
Pauline P., Toronto, Ontario
“My friends would like to join me to thank you for this wonderful and unforgettable canoe trip…… We have learned so much and appreciate the beauties of Algonquin Park. Your professionalism has been really a plus during the trip, by the way at every moment we didn’t worry about problems that could happen because you were here at everytime to say what to do and what not to do. The food was delightful and the camp very comfortable. Thank you so much for being such a lovely partner during this awsome canoe trip.”
Christophe, Marie-Laure, Sebastien, & Mariane, Lieges, France
Those two days with the dogs (and the people) were honestly the best two days of my life – I just LOVED it. Thanks so much for an awesome adventure, you may see us again one day.
Pam and Gordon M., Queensland, Australia
I just realized that I never sent you a note to thank you for organizing a fantastic dog sledding adventure. So here’s my belated thank you.
My friend and I had an exhilarating time navigating through the northern end of Algonquin Park. The whole process was rather seamless and we were in capable hands at the recommended accommodations and our dog sledding guide, Reiss.

After seeing the photos from my trip, my retired father is planning to go dog sledding this winter.

Joanne P., Markham, Ontario
“The beauty and tranquility of Georgian Bay went a long way to ease the frustrations and tensions of living in an urban setting. I will always miss the Bay –it’s truly an unique environment, and one I feel privileged to have been part of for a week. The knowledge, skills, and many competencies of your guide team made the trip all the more enjoyable. ”
Helen D, San Francisco, CA
Thanks again for this weekend. I was delighted with my new skills and am feeling euphoric about the experience. My badge is firmly planted in my kitchen window, where I (and all my visitors) can see it immediately.

I will keep you in mind for the spring sessions, and am considering doing one of your dog sled trips this winter (Meg and I have wanted to do this for awhile now)

Meanwhile, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you….Grinning Flatwater Kayaker, Level One. 🙂

Christine B., Totonto, Ontario
Thanks again for a fantastic weekend in Algonquin last week. We all had a very good time, and I really enjoyed the chance to get back out in a canoe and do some interior camping.

I would really enjoy another trip with you next year, and I will highly recommend you to my friends.

Thanks again,

Jeff R., Port Colborne, Ontario
We did a dog sledding trip with wildernessadventures in Algonquin and were very happy with the entire organization and the people.
We are very much looking forward to the Kayaking with Orca whales trip we are doing with you this summer.
Mereike S., Switzerland
“We had a wonderful, most amazing time in the Bowron Lakes, and we are still boring our friends and family with the photos of the Bowron Lakes. Thank you both VERY much for all your hard work, patience, and humour. You are both excellent leaders and we would love to come on one of your trips again.”
John & Sally Bourton, UK
The (Algonquin Canoe) trip last weekend met all our expections. Your guide was an excellent leader. We would certainly recommend your company and travel with you again.
Steve & Teresa I., Toronto, Ontario
We booked a Algonquin Canoe Trip a few years ago with your company and were very happy with our expierience.

We are now looking to have another canoe trip on the Yukon next year, during our honeymoon in mid August.

Sebastian S., Germany
“The service was impeccable. They planned for everything and had us very well prepared for our wilderness trip, which meant we could enjoy the entire experience.

That was our first experience (hired more than once), when my son was barely seven years old. I’d recommend his services to anyone who knows value for dollars (Good Value, On Time, High Integrity).”

Meta A., Yellowknife
Thanks for offering such a great service. All the boys had the time of their lives. (this was a 2 day dog sled adventure Bachelor party for 17 guys).

Most importantly, the bachelor had a blast… smiled ear to ear the whole weekend!

Kevin G., Toronto, Ontario
Hi, just wanted to send a note and thank you sooo much for a wonderful adventure.

We had a great time dog sledding . We loved the collecting wood and feeding the dogs and sleeping in the tent. It was all so much work and exhausting!!! But all good and great memories. Your staff was super helpful and fun. Thanks again, Leslie, Jordana, Daniel, and Louis.

Please thank Matt and Tory (guides), and our favorite dogs: Tagg and Thumper.

Leslie W., Toronto, Ontario
We all had an awesome time (company dog sled adventure), Louis our president can’t stop talking about it. He is putting some really good word out there among his contacts for you.

Thank you for all your help. Will be in touch.

Zarah D., Mississauga, Ontario
I had an absolutely great time (on the Algonquin Canoe Trip), and thanks to your guide I feel now like a portage & canoeing pro!!
Fleur C., Toronto, Ontario
Just wanted to send a thank you, our trip this weekend was awesome!

Our guide was amazing, very personable and did a great job keeping us busy and active. Monica and I had a wonderful time! We were taught many amazing wilderness skills and cant wait to try some ourselves!

The tour was both challenging and fun and the meals were plentiful and delicious !

We had a great time and may try the 6 day trip next!!

Thanks again and keep up the great work!

Mike & Monica., Toronto, Ontario
Thank you very much, I had a great time (on the 3 day Algonquin Canoe Adventure) and will look forward to booking another trip with you next season.
Tracey L., London, Ontario
Thanks very much for this. I had a fantastic time (Algonquin Canoe Adventure), and learned a lot. I’m already thinking about the best trip to do with the family, and the gear and tent recommendations will be helpful.

Thanks again for the trip. Have a great winter, and I hope to see you again..

Kurt K., Toronto, Ontario
What a great trip we all had (Algonquin Dog Sled Adventure) ….fabulous staff, dogs and scenery.
Chantal L., Toronto
Just to let you know that my wife and I really enjoyed our one day of dog sledding on Sunday . It truly was an amazing experience. The dogs were so nice and powerful, I really had no idea!
Lieven H., Belgium
Last summer, we had an amazing trip to the Yukon. The highlight of our visit was the Yukon River canoe paddle we took with you. From the evening we met at the Yukon Inn for orientation until we were dropped off at our hotel for a final goodbye, we had a wonderful adventure.

A major part of the success and enjoyment of the trip was our two guides. They are two knowledgeable, skillful, and joyful individuals who made it their priority that we have a fun and memorable experience of the Yukon. We cannot thank them enough for their warm and professional approach.

The guides were always “on.” Safety was number one, whether it was a bear spray talk before venturing off on a hike or ensuring that we knew how to handle a canoe in fast water. They were extremely organized, from the details of how to prepare for the day’s adventure, to food preparation and cleanup. Every meal was a new idea and delicious. We ate well.

The two guides also brought a level of personal care and familiarity, allowing the eight of us to bond quickly. Their personalities were a great combo: different in nature, always compatible, a terrific balance of humour and complimentary toward each other and their “guests.” It was important to them that each of us was having a good time and getting the most out of the trip. Drifting down the river, rafted together, listening to a reading about the area or some stories about the areas we were passing.

It was a truly wonderful wilderness adventure.

Wendy and Graham P., Toronto
I did a 2-day (Algonquin Dog Sled) trip and absolutely loved it.
We had a great group of people, awesome dogs and wonderful guides.
Anyway I think I might have got a bit hooked and I was looking at your dates for the rest of the season, I see you have a 4 day trip over the easter weekend, do you have any space that trip??
Lucy D., Ottawa
We would like to thank you, the guide and the whole team for an unforgettable (2 day) weekend.
Everything was just awesome!!! It was very enjoyable to get involved into camp live and take care of the dogs, who are so hard working and very loveable creatures. I was quite surprised how much they love to cuddle. We are in fact considering to adopt one of them…
The trip was well organized and food was excellent and plenty at all times. The night in the heated tent was warm and cozy, almost too warm for me at times, but just about right for others;-)
Last but not least the weather was in our favour with cristal blue skies on Saturday, amazing stars at night, best enjoyed from the middle of a frozen lake….
Thanks again and please pass our thanks on to the guide and your team
Bernd & Lamie, Toronto
Just a note to say that I had a very rewarding experience during the Georgian Bay kayak trip. The setting was beautiful and the kayaking was a very pleasurable activity, I look forward to doing it again.
Mark & Darryl L., Motreal
Ceilidh and I had a great time on the algonquin trip – I wish I was still out there.
Jake and Ceilidh, Port Perry, Ontario
“I attended a 3 day canoe camping outing in Algonquin Park with Wilderness Adventures. During that weekend, I learned basic canoeing skills, including how to quickly and effectively do a canoe over canoe rescue, and obtained my ORCKA (Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association ) level 2 certification at the completion of the trip. All of the logistical aspects of the outing were professionaly handled by Wilderness Adventures (such as canoes, park permits, dry bags, dry backpacks, tent, meals and snacks, cooking equipment, water filtration system, meal preparation, etc.) which resulted in nearly zero planning for the trip. The only planning involved selecting personal items (clothing, toileteries) – which was also made easy They provided me with a detailed list ahead of time. It was a great weekend, the weather was fantastic and I learned a lot of valuable skills.”
Roch G., Gatineau, Quebec