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If you are a booking a trip to Kayak with Orca Whales in British Columbia the following links will prove helpful in planning your trip

Passports and Visas

Visitor information for required passport, visa and personal identification. Please visit the Canada Customs web site.

Goods and Services Tax Partial Refund

All Trips are subject to the federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) at 7%. Non-residents of Canada are eligible to a partial rebate of the 7 % GST.
For complete information please visit the web site for Canada Customs and Revenue


It is highly recommended that you have adequate medical and personal injury insurance coverage. This short term travel insurance policy should cover nonrefundable trip costs due to personal or family accidents or illness. This Insurance must be purchased at the time a trip reservation is made. Please contact your travel agent or one of the companies below.

Getting to Port McNeill, BC

Nanaimo to Port McNeill – 352 km (219 miles)

If your going to drive, you will need to take a ferry to Vancouver Island and drive north on Hwy.19 to Port McNeill on the north east coast of Vancouver island. You can take a ferry to Victoria, BC, or Nanaimo, BC. It is approximently 220 miles (or 350 km.) from Nanaimo to Port McNeill and 290 miles (or 460 km.) from Victoria, BC.
The most scenic ride (in my humble opinion) would be from Horseshoe Bay, just north of Vancouver, to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. I have included a list of links to ferries, busses, shuttles, airlines etc., to help you plan your route.

Maps (driving)

BC Ferries

Maps (ferries)

Washington State Ferries

Airlines, Airports, Shuttles


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