Belize Double Atoll Adventure: 9 Days / 9 Nights Itinerary

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Departures 2017-18: Dec: 23   Jan 13 and 27   Feb 10 and 24   Mar 10 and 24   Apr 07 and 21
Group Size: 6-22
Guides: 2-4 North American and Belizean Leaders



Sea Kayaking (paddling and sailing)
Snorkeling, Fishing
Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Scuba Diving (optional, not included in trip fee)
Hiking and Birding
Mayan Ruins
Natural History


Glovers Reef Basecamp
Lighthouse Reef Basecamp
Bocawina Rainforest Eco Resort
Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel


Ultimate Adventure MapThe Adventure

Lighthouse Reef, made famous by legendary underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau, plus Glover’s Reef, made famous by the pirate John Glover who used the reefs as a safe harbour to rob approaching Spanish ships.

The Double Atoll Adventure allows you to explore and stay on Glover’s and Lighthouse Reef, two remote coral atolls and UN World Heritage Sites within the Belize Barrier Reef. Imagine spending six nights sleeping in comfortable tent-walled cabanas at our Southwest Caye and Half Moon Caye luxury adventure Basecamps. Visit the Belize Audubon’s protected nesting colony of 4000 red footed boobies. Enjoy some of the best paddling and marine exploration in the Caribbean Sea.

Snorkeling expeditions to the Aquarium’ and Jacques Cousteau’s legendary Blue Hole are just a few of the highlights on this action packed adventure. We’ve even added an overnight jungle stay at a unique off-the-grid eco-lodge, and the option of a rainforest canopy zip line adventure (or a bird walk) in Bocawina National Park.


lighthouse-campThe Setting…

Lighthouse Reef Our journey to Lighthouse Atoll takes us 55 miles offshore to Belize’s most remote and spectacular atoll. On our way to Lighthouse we weave our way through channels and picturesque islands within Belize’s Barrier Reef. Then, after crossing the reef wall, we enter a keyhole passage and wind through narrow mangrove lined channels to reach the eastern Coral Wall of Turneffe Atoll. Finally, we continue another 20 miles to the world renowned Lighthouse Reef Atoll and Half Moon Caye. One of only four coral atolls in the Caribbean, Lighthouse is home to the famous Blue Hole. In 1972, Capt. Jacques Cousteau and the intrepid crew of the Calypso explored and filmed this incredible atoll, exposing its amazing underwater diversity to the world for the first time.
Glovers Base Camp 389Glovers Reef Glover’s Reef is protected as a Marine Reserve and is a designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Atoll is 20 miles long by seven miles wide, encompassing a turquoise clear shallow lagoon with an estimated 850 coral heads and pinnacles rising to the surface.

On the eastern edge of the atoll, five post-card perfect sand cayes, fringed with coconut palms, lie atop the reef crest. The prevailing Northeasterly Trade winds blow across hundreds of miles of open sea before reaching the atoll where the swells break and dissipate in foaming white surf.This east wall of the atoll is breached in three places by channels, allowing for a tidal flow of water into the lagoon that sustains one of the most diverse coral ecosystems in the Caribbean.

lighthouse7dayEach Basecamp perched on the white sand shores of Southwest Caye or Halfmoon Caye – both with stunning views facing east over the main reef crest and the open Caribbean Sea – we are ideally located for snorkelling, sea kayaking and kayak sailing, diving, and fishing.

Led by guides who are skilled naturalists, fishermen, marine biologists, and kayakers, your experience at Glover’s and Lighthouse are a blend of adventure, island culture, tropical vacation, and learning. The remarkable abundance of life and the staggering beauty of these rich tropical marine environments leaves its mark on all those who are fortunate enough to visit each location, but you will be lucky enough to visit both!


A Note About the Ecology

The surrounding reef is primarily made up of two kinds of coral, the hard hydro-coral (reef- forming coral), such as brain coral or elkhorn coral, and the soft

corals, such as sea-fans and feather plumes. The sheltered lagoon at Glover’s Reef harbors one of the world’s most diverse sea environments with an extensive community of fish, shellfish, and patch reefs. One mile off the eastern shore of the atoll the reef wall quickly drops 2600 feet to the ocean floor below.

The interaction between the deeper open waters of the Caribbean Sea and the sheltered lagoons of the atoll results in a diversity and abundance of marine life which is unsurpassed for sea kayaking, snorkeling, and diving.

The Flora

The Mesoamerican Coral reef stretches from Cancun, Mexico through Belize to Honduras. It is the largest reef in the western hemisphere and second largest in the world. In Belize this reef is a well formed wall and extends 185 miles (300 km) along the coastline.

Nineteen miles seaward from the eastern border of the Barrier Reef lies Belize’s most spectacular atoll – Glover’s Reef where oval shaped reef walls of the atoll climb from the ocean floor and surround a central lagoon.

Some of the bird-life includes osprey (the Billy hawk), sea gulls, brown-footed & white-footed boobies, frigate birds, hawks, mangrove warblers, and white-crowned pigeons. Around the atoll and the barrier reef, there are nesting sites for loggerhead, green and hawksbill turtles. If we’re lucky, we may see them while out snorkeling or kayaking. We will definitely have a chance to see and sample the main staple for Belizean fishermen, the queen conch and (in season) the spiny lobster.

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The Fauna

Trailing a line from our kayaks, we also may get a chance at a tug from barracuda, grouper, tarpon, or snapper.

Over our heads, we may see various birds including osprey (the billy hawk), sea gulls, brown-footed and white-footed boobies, frigate birds, hawks, mangrove warblers, and white crowned pigeons.

Throughout the reef and along the coast are nesting sites for loggerhead, green and hawksbill turtles. If we’re lucky, we may see them while out snorkeling.
We will definitely have a chance to see and sample the main staple for Belizean fishermen – the spiny lobster (when in season) and the queen conch.
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Typical Itinerary:


Day 0:

You will arrive at Belize International Airport on a Saturday for this trip and will transfer onto a domestic flight to Dangriga.  You’ll be met by an Island Expeditions’ representative upon arrival at Dangriga airstrip and will be transported to Bocawina Rainforest Resort in the sourthern Mayan Mountains.

If you arrive at the lodge early afternoon, you can enjoy a bird watching walk through the Bocawina National Park.  You’ll also have the option of hiking up the forested hillsides to the start of the rainforest canopy zip line. Our guides will provide a thorough safety briefing, outfit you in your safety harness, and assist you as you climb to the first ziplining platform surrounded by the sounds of the rainforest.

For those of you arriving at the lodge later in the day, we can arrange a nocturnal zip line tour or a guided night walk through the jungle.

Day 0 is the day to meet your fellow travelers, and acclimatize to your new tropical environment.  Enjoy the evening at your leisure in this unique eco-lodge, surrounded by the sounds of the rainforest.

Accommodations: Bocawina Rainforest Eco Resort

Meals: D



Day 1:

From rainforest to remote tropical reef! After breakfast at Bocawina Rainforest Resort, you will be transferred to a chartered boat.

Your boat journey will take you beyond the main Barrier Reef to our remote Basecamp on Southwest Caye.

Southwest Caye is located within Glover’s Reef Marine Reserve, and our guests typically arrive before 10am in ideal weather conditions.

The day’s schedule begins with an introduction to your new environment and time for you to unpack your belongings in your tent cabana. Once everyone is settled, our guides provide professional instruction – teaching the fundamentals of sea kayaking, snorkeling, and safety on the water in the tropics.

You will then paddle out to a nearby patch reef and start to explore some of the 700 snorkel sites that Glover’s Atoll has to offer.

Accommodations: Glovers Reef Basecamp

Meals: B, L, D


Double Atoll 2 Day 2:

Start your day with amazing options. Perhaps an early morning swim or a sunrise yoga session, you choose.

Our itinerary is flexible to respond to desires and abilities of both groups and individuals. Activities include sea kayaking, Stand Up Paddleboarding, snorkeling and learning to sail a kayak.

Explore the inner and outer walls of the reef at your leisure. Twice a day (In the mornings and the evenings) we offer informative sessions on a range of topics. These sessions provide an opportunity for your guides to share their extensive knowledge of Belize, the marine environment and local culture.

If you would rather do less and simply unwind, you always have the choice of just kicking back in a hammock and relaxing with a good book and a cold drink. Just in case you change your mind, perhaps a high stakes game of Hermit Crab racing will help you finish a perfect day!

Accommodations: Glovers Reef Basecamp

Meals: B, L, D


Double Atoll 11 Day 3:

For your last morning on Glover’s Reef, the choice is yours. Don mask, snorkel, and fins for a last visit to your favorite coral reef. Fishing enthusiasts can “work the reef flats” with their most impressive Bonefish fly prior to a midday return ride to Dangriga.

You’ll arrive on the mainland approximately 1:30-2:30 pm, and be transferred to Dangriga Airstrip to board a flight to Belize City Municipal Airport.

You will take a taxi to the Belize Biltmore Hotel and have the rest of the day at your leisure.

Accommodations: Belize Biltmore Hotel

Meals: B, L, D


glovers-coral-kayaker  Day 4:

After an early breakfast at the hotel, you will be taken to the boat launch for a motor charter to Lighthouse Reef Atoll.

Imagine traveling by sea through mangrove ranges and white sand cayes before traversing Belize’s main Barrier Reef.

This seafaring journey travels through the inner lagoons of Turneffe Atoll and 20 miles of open sea before reaching Lighthouse Reef Atoll.

Your final destination is located at the furthest edge of the Belizean Reef System.

This is 55 miles offshore, and offers an experience you’ll never forget.

This motor charter takes approximately two hours, travelling at 55 miles per hour.


 mre-reef-fish  Upon reaching Half Moon Caye (an island at the southern end of Lighthouse Reef Atoll) your guide team will orient you to your newest island setting.

After settling into your accommodations and having lunch in an open-air dining pavilion, you’ll head out for an afternoon of kayaking or snorkeling.

Accommodations: Half Moon Caye Basecamp

Meals: B, L, D


Double Atoll 17-R Day 5, 6, 7:

Early risers may want to go for a swim, do some yoga – or just grab a cup of coffee and watch the tropical sunrise.

After a healthy Belizean breakfast everyone gathers to plan the day’s activities. The waters of Lighthouse Reef Atoll are exceptionally clear with a fabulously rich reef system. Throughout your stay, you’ll have the opportunity to try a variety of activities as you explore this remote part of the Barrier Reef. Snorkeling at the ‘Aquarium’ is one of the favorites among guests. The Aquarium is the name of a spectacular snorkeling location with a profusion of tropical fish and towering coral formations.

You’ll also be taken on a snorkeling excursion to the renowned Blue Hole. The Blue Hole is an underwater cave and sinkhole in the center of the Lighthouse lagoon, made famous by legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau. In the mornings and evenings a favorite guest activity is walking to the red-footed booby colony to watch nesting boobies come in from the sea to feed their chicks.

Accommodations: Half Moon Caye Basecamp

Meals: B, L, D


Double Atoll 5 Day 8:

Choose your favorite activity for this last day at Lighthouse – snorkel your favorite patch reefs, walk the island trails, swing in a hammock or beachcomb along the island beaches.

After lunch a motor charter arrives, and you’ll begin to prepare for your trip back to the mainland, This return journey takes you back through Turneffe Atoll across the Barrier Reef, and you’ll arrive at the Belize Biltmore Hotel by late afternoon.

Your final evening is reserved for relaxing at the hotel or exploring the local area.

Accommodations: Belize Biltmore Hotel

Meals: B, L, D


Double Atoll 6 Day 9:

Enjoy time at your leisure prior to your departing flight. Flights out of Belize usually depart in the late morning or early afternoon.

You can use the morning to lounge by the pool or check out the hotel’s activity desk for optional tours.

Please note: Taxi transfer to the airport is not included.

Accommodations: N/A

Meals: N/A






What’s Included…

1. Comprehensive pre-trip information package
2. All meals, accommodation, and transfers described in the itinerary
3. Professional Guiding Services
4. Unlimited use of our Equipment and facilities
5. Accommodation the day before the trip (‘Day 0’)
6. Government Fees & Taxes

What’s Not Included…

1. Gratuiti
2. Fishing License
3. Scuba Diving
4. International Flights and Airport Departure Tax
5. Extra costs due to late Arrivals, lost baggage and other circumstances beyond our control



Double Atoll 8 Double Atoll 7 Glovers Tent 1 Double Atoll 6
  Night 1, Bocawina Rainforest Eco Resort     Nights 2-3, Glovers Reef Basecamp    Nights 5-8, Half Moon Caye Basecamp     Night 4 & 9 at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel


At the start of the trip we pick you up on arrival at the Belize International Airport on Day 0. On the last day of the trip we can drop you off directly at the Belize International Airport( flights departing later than 3pm) or the Biltmore Plaza Hotel. All transportation by land, air and water from Day 0 to Day 8 on the trip is included.

Scuba Diving Rates… (2017) $75 US Single Tank Dive,  $125 US Two Dives $150 US Discover Scuba Course (only Available at Glover’s Reef). Must have a minimum of 2 divers to call in dive boat.

Single Traveller Policy
Many of our guests travel on their own. Our style of trip is ideal for single travelers combining the benefits of group camaraderie and group security with lots of individual flexibility in what you want to do each day. Single supplement options vary by trip style. Standard trip pricing is based on double occupancy. Solo guests can request either to share twin accommodations with another traveler or request single accommodations for an additional fee. If you are willing to share and we are able to match you up – no problem and no extra cost. If we cannot match you up then we have a simple, affordable $189 CAD / $149 US supplement fee . This fee will be applied at the time of booking, but will be reimbursed just before your departure if we are able to match you up.

Should you prefer private accommodations, we can provide you with your own room and the following charges apply.

Double Atoll Adventure – $500 CAD / $400 US

NOTE: The number of single rooms available on most departures is limited, and may not be available at each location. If we are not able to provide your own room throughout the trip, we will pro-rate the supplement fee.

Recommended Tour-books:
Eltringham, Peter. 2002. Belize: The Rough Guide .London. Penguin Publishers. Perottet, Tony. 2000. Belize: Insight Guide Singapore. Houghton Mifflin Publishers. -Great photographs and written by a Belizean!

Recommended Reading:
Rabinowitz, Alan. 2000 Jaguar, One Man’s Struggle to Establish the First Jaguar Sanctuary New York. Island Press.

Getting to Belize City:

American Airlines: Toll Free: 1-800-433-7300 website:

US Airways: Toll Free: 1-800-622-1015 website:

Delta Airlines: Toll Free: 1-800-221-1212 website:

United Airways: Toll Free: 1-800-421-4655 website:

Southwest Airlines – via Houston, TX Toll Free: 1-800-435-9792 website:

Expedia: website: (Canada) (US)

WestJet (Canada): Toll Free: 1-888-937-8538 (United Kingdom): Toll Free: 0-800-279-7072 website:

Still have questions? Please give us a call toll free in North America at: 1-866-383-9453 or email us at

Booking: The booking requires a 30% deposit by Visa or MasterCard (for Canadian Credit Cards) with the balance due 60 days prior to trip departure. Non Canadian Credit Cards are charged the full trip fee payment in US dollars or a Bank Wire Transfer in Canadian Dollars at the time of booking.

The trip dates do sell out so please book early to get the trip dates you want.

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